Read Instructions Adult General Passport Application PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED - B for Canadians 16 years of age or over applying in Canada or the USA Warning Any false or misleading statement with respect to this application and any supporting document including the concealment of any material fact may result in the refusal to issue a passport the revocation of a currently valid passport and/or the imposition of a period of refusal of passport services and may be grounds for criminal...
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Hi today I'm going to show you how tofill in the adult abroad generalpassport application form for Canadianpassports the form I'm going to be usingis the one that is for Canadian citizensapplying outside of Canada and from theUSA it has some slight variations to itthey can also be used by Canadiancitizens inside of Canada as wellso section one personal information whenfilling in this section I highlyrecommend that you have alongside thisform your your documentary evidence ofcitizenship so it can be one of twothings if you're born inside of Canadawill be your Canadian birth certificateand if you're born outside of Canadawill be your Canadian citizenshipcertificate which rather most will it bea small wallet sized dual sidedlaminated photo card and then morerecently since 2012 a a4 sized papercertificate cream-coloured which is alsodual sided has been issued as well forCanadians is and put Europe which is theCanadian citizenship certificate so youwant to have one of those two documentswith you and that's what you use to fillin personal information section one sosurname you're going to fill in as yoursurname appears in either you'recreating birth certificate or yourCanadian citizenship certificate theonly way you would be able to write downa name which is different to how itappears in your Canadian birthcertificate or your Canadian citizenshipcertificate will be if you if youchanged your name by marriage and thenwhat the other document that you requirewhen lodging an application with a meritor surname would be at your marriagecertificate and then also asupplementary form of ID which we'll getdown to in a later section of thisapplication form which would have yourmerit or surname or the name that youwill be requesting on this form but tokeep it simple if no names have changedit will be as per your birth certificateor Canadian citizenship certificate asit will be applicable to your situationso surname asappears in the documentary evidence ofcitizenship and then give a name so weput in your first names and middle namesnow if you're filling in given names andlet's say you have a given name and thena middle name like you have John Matthewbut Matthew was just for something youwere given when you are born and itwould just appears on your birthcertificate but you don't really use inday to day life and you havesupplementary ID which would providelater on with this application thatomits the middle name Matthew forexample then you can just have it asJohn you don't need to add both names ifyou wish to have it as just one givenname and that given name is reflected onyour ID and the idea is showing yournames as you like them to appear it kindof backs up for the passport processthat that's how you're going by day today life so that's the surname and theycan give you names if you were had asurname that was different when you werebornso exact again...